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Pipes - General information

PE PVC PP pipe analysisFISCHER Engineering provides expert analysis, damage reports and calculations in the field of pipes. We work on pipes in the classical field of supply and sewage as well as in the field of heating and sanitary inhouse pipes.

We work as experts and engineers for gas pipes, water pipes, potable water pipes, sewage pipes and wase ground pipes. We make analysis on singular or multiple damages, as well as on failed productions.

We are by the Austrian Government publicly sworn experts for plastics and plastic pipes .

Only publicly sworn Experts are by the Austrian Government and courts officially approved experts for expert analysis and damage assessments.

Our areas of Interest

We give advice and write complete concepts for the renovation of damaged pipes, in particular for damaged plastic pipes. Areas of main concern are also the quality of welding of pipes by either fittings/couplers or by direct welding. Basis of our work are the according standards of ÖNorm, ISO, EN, DIN, ATV und DVGW.

Multiple approvals of pipes and fittings have been carrid out by us in the past according to these standards for companies wanting to achieve Austrian and German qualification, especially for the ÖVGW and DVGW.

Giving consultany for rehabilitation and the analysis of after installation as well as whilst planning is one of the main fields of our Engineering office. Supervision during installation of pipes and Liners according to the newest standards is a natural working area for us.

Another field of deep interest for us is plastic coating and shielding of concrete, tanks and pools with plastic films against pressing ground water, potable water and sewage. We are a specialised engineering office for plastics on buidling grounds.

We also work in damage assessment and lifetime prediction of insulated heating pipes, where we analyse additional to the foam the heating pipes. We asses damages and test the insulating Polyurethan-foam (PUR) according to the required quality parameters. The testing and assesment of the welding of the covering PE pipes is a must for us.

We are pipe experts and carry out assesments and analysis of pipe for .Gas, Water, Sewage, Insulated Heating, Cable protection.

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