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PipeWorks-Static Proof Software

PipeWorks - Software for static proof calculation of pipes, inliners and manholes

PipeWorks ATV DWA A127 Pipe Static Proof Calculation SoftwareOne of our central working areas is the development und design of our own program group PipeWorks for the static proof calculation of pipes, jacking pipes, Inliners, manholes and waste dump pipes according to the ÖNorm B5012 and EN 1295.

Static proof calculation of pipes, InLiners and manholes can be carried out according to the following standards:

- Open trench pipes (ÖNorm B5012, EN 1295, ATV-A 127)

- InLiners (ATV-M127 T2)

- Jacking pipes (ATV-A 161, GW 312)

- Manholes and standpipes (similar to ATV-A 127)

- Waste dump pipes (ATV-M 127 T1


Our most important thought while developing these programs according the most modern programming techniques and languages was the need of our customers to have an easy to handle tool for the necessary proof calculations according to ÖNorm B5012, ATV-A 61 and ATV-M 127.

Using a static proof calcultion results one can minimise costs strongly, while having the same hydraulic flow through the pipes.

Let us convince you by our ongoing efforts for quality, the continous innovation, the day by day improvments and strong support we provide with every release of PipeWorks.

We appreciate to send you a free DEMO version.

For more information on the program modules please choose the appropriate point of the menu.

We make possible, whatever is thinkable!

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