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Pipes - Static proof calculation of pipes

One of our main working areas is the static proof calculation of pipes, Inliners and manholes.

Working areas
We carry out static proof calculations according the ATV standards and the DIN EN 1295: Statik Rohre inliner und Schächte nach ATV DWA DVWK
  • Static proof for Open Trench pipes acc. ÖNorm B5012 / ATV-A 127
  • Static proof for InLiners acc. ATV-M 127 Teil 2
  • Static proof for Jacking pipes acc. ATV-A 161
  • Static proof for Waste Dump pipes acc. ATV-M 127 Part 1
  • Static proof for Manholes acc. ATV-A 127 Part 2

Statik Statische Berechnung nach ATV A127 A161We carry out static proof calculations according to ÖNorm, ATV, DWA, DVGW, ISO, DIN and VdTÜV standards. We are also able to carry out static proof calculations for complicated, singular problems in the field of pipes, inliners and manholes. We do linear as well as Finite Element FEM analyses.

Statik Rohre Vortriebsrohre InLiner nach ATV DVWKOne of our principles is not only to provide complicated calculations, but also to add an understandable explenation of the results. By this explenation our customers can easliy cope with the results and understand what has to be done with the outcoming of our work.

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