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Plastic fittings and pipes

FISCHER Engineering - Your relieable partner for plastic fittings

We can provide the below fittings:

  • PEHD Formteile von d32 bis d1600 mmPEHD electrofusion couplers (EF-Couplers) 20 to 1.600mm in all pressure classes from SDR33 to SDR7.
  • PEHD Fittings from 20 to 1.600mm. Most fittings are available either injection moulded and segment welded. Electrofusion fusion fittings (long ends) and butt fusion fittings (short ends) are available.
  • PEHD Fittings 20 to 1.600mm diameter for gas, water, sewage, long distance heating and cable protection
  • Fittings for PP, PVC and PEX pipes up to 400mm for ambient and hot water temperature systems.
Other fittings are available on request.

Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are sure, our services will convince you.

We make possible, whatever is thinkable!

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