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Plastic fittings and pipes

FISCHER Engineering - Welding machines for plastic fittings and pipes

We can provide you with the below welding machines:

Welding machines for electrofusion couplers:

These welding machines are used for the connection and welding of EF-Couplers. Hereby a barcode on the coupler is read by the welding machine, the appropriate power ist sent through integrated heating wires of the coupler and the plastic is heated. If the power was sufficient the plastic (PE oder PP) of fitting and pipe is welded together.

We can provide electrofusion welding machines of various producers, which will suit you application best. According to our experience not the most expensive machines is always the best for all applications.

Butt fusion welding machines:

Using this method, both ends of the to be connected pipes are heated and molten by a heating plate and then put together under sufficient pressure. Doing this, welding of these pipe ends will occur.

We can provide you with simple manual, semi automatic and fully automatic butt fusion welding machines, in order to suit your application in the best possible manner.

Other welding machines are available on request.

Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are sure, our services will convince you.

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