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Our working areas

Anylysis of plasticsFISCHER Engineering is now successfully working for more than 20 years in the area of development, testing and expert analysis of plastic products. We carry out expert analysis within the automotive, industrial and building sector.

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Working areas

  • Expert anaylsis and assessment for damaged thermoplastic, elastometric and duroplastic products.

  • Design, development and dimensioning of complexplastic products.

  • Approval of plastic products according to the ÖNorm, ISO, EN, DIN, CE, etc. standards.

  • Experts in the area of mass thermplastics, like Polyethylene (PE),Polypropylene (PP),Polyamide (PA) und Poyvinylchloride (PVC), but also of exotic filled and unfilled plastics.Quality control of plastic products Polyethylene polyamid

  • Failure and damage analysis within the production process for injection moulding, extrusion, pressing and lamination.

  • Analysis of glasfiber, carbonfiber and aramidfiber filled plastic products.

  • The testing of the plastic shielding and coating of metal, concrete or plastic products.

  • Design, development and analysis of complex plastic products by the Finite Elemente Method (FEA, FEM, FE).

  • Analysis of the injection moulding process by Moldflow.

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