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PipeWorks-Static Proof Software

PipeWorks - Software for the static proof calculation of waste dump pipes according ATV/DVWK-M 127 Part 1

ATV DVWK M127 Part 2 Waste Dump Pipe Static Proof Calculation SoftwareThis module is based on the ATV-M 127 Part 1. Additionally the ÖNorm B 5012, EN 1295 Teil 1 and the EN 1610 have been taken into account where necessary.

Different to normal pipes wast dump pipes come normally with slots or holes through the wallthickness to drain the liquid in the bottom of a waste dump. The material is in gereneral Polyethylene, because of its chemical resistance..

Not only that these pipes are perforated, but they also have to undergo enromous loads under elevated temperature, so that special considerations have to taken into consideration.

Additionally various loading conditions have to be considered, as these pipes undergo different stages of loading while the waste dump is buildt.

Static proof calculation of waste dump deponie pipesThe intelligent Software PipeWorks for the static proof calculation of waste dump pipes embedded in an open trench condition provides the possibility of calculating pressurised and pressureless pipes with regard to their embedding conditions and the material. The wallthickness of the pipe can be optimised, failures can be avoided, for the same function high costs can be saved and transparent alternative solutions can be shown if needed.

It is possible to chosse any material data by the user, so that pipes if new materials can be easily calculated. Standard material data are provided by a database.

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