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PipeWorks-Static Proof Software

PipeWorks - Software for the static proof calculation of manholes according to ÖNorm B 5012 and ATV/DWA-A 127

PipeWorks ATV DWA A127 Pipe Static Proof Calculation SoftwareThis module is based on the ÖNorm B 5012 and the ATV-A 127. It gives the user the possibility to carry out a static proof calcultation for manholes and standpipes. These manholes and standpipes can be calculated, so that the wallthickness can be optimised and enormous costs can be saved.

Basis of the static calculation was the idea that manholes and standpipes have to withstand the same loading conitions as horizontal pipes. The loading causes stress perpenticular to the axis of the manhole, which will finally lead to stress, strains or deformation throughout the wallthickness of the manhole. These static results are calculated.

Static Proof of manholesNot only that any material can be choosen, but also coated and shielded manholes can be dimensioned, as well perforated and unperforated pipes for casing wells.

The intelligent Software PipeWorks for the static proof calculation of manholes and standpipes provides the possibility of calculating these manholes with regard to their embedding conditions and the material. The wallthickness of the manhole can be optimised, failures can be avoided, for the same function high costs can be saved and transparent alternative solutions can be shown if needed.

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